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web hosting: from €3.99 monthly

web design: from €99, domain name & one year hosting inc

translation: any text, letter, website or legal document from French into English

photography: any assignments in SW France undertaken

writing: advertising copy, articles or stories about or involving France

travel planner: we organize your trip to France

Simon Oliver

Simon Oliver is a writer and photographer based in Toulouse, France.


His background in law, teaching and journalism means that - with time - he has become adept at manipulating web-based media in the French context. Simon offers services in translating, web design and hosting, photography, property finding and maintenance and travel consulting.


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Simon Oliver opened the first Irish Bar in France in 1990: he still consults would-be pub-owners on the DO's and DON'Ts of the profession.


You can engage Simon's services for a number of missions: finding a suitable commercial property to buy, explaining the intricacies of the French licencing laws, translating crucial documents or interpreting at closing. Just ask for a quote.


Simon Oliver is a registered French Estate Agent. (Carte n°2197, Haute Garonne)


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