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web hosting: from €3.99 monthly

web design: from €99, domain name & one year hosting inc

translation: any text, letter, website or legal document from French into English

photography: any assignments in SW France undertaken

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travel planner: we organize your trip to France

Simon Oliver

Simon Oliver is a writer and photographer based in Toulouse, France.


His background in law, teaching and journalism means that - with time - he has become adept at manipulating web-based media in the French context. Simon offers services in translating, web design and hosting, photography, property finding and maintenance and travel consulting.


Simon Oliver Services is the envelope which contains all these services in a one-stop site

Simon Oliver opened the first Irish Bar in France in 1990: he still consults would-be pub-owners on the DO's and DON'Ts of the profession.


You can engage Simon's services for a number of missions: finding a suitable commercial property to buy, explaining the intricacies of the French licencing laws, translating crucial documents or interpreting at closing. Just ask for a quote.


Simon Oliver is a registered French Estate Agent. (Carte n°2197, Haute Garonne)


Check out Simon Oliver's blog.

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