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29 years in France: 25 years teaching experience at all levels: nearly 20 years setting up businesses in France ... and a long history of satisfied customers ranging from the US neighbour and his tax form to corporate clients and their annual reports.


How does it work? You send us the text you want translated into English. In the simplest possible format (.doc or .txt or .odt). We will have a look at it and, by return, send you a quote giving a price and a deadline.


Prices depend on the type of text (legal, fiscal, tourist etc) but we usually charge between €0.05 and €0.10 per word. A minimum fee of €40 is charged for all translation work.


One of our translation specialities is translating websites into English (or French). In this case you just have to send us the URL in question and we'll send you a quote.


Our interpreting service is only available in SW France. Half-day or full-day service with transport included if necessary. Prices depend very much on the type of work but you can reckon on a minimum of €150 for a morning and €250 for a day's interpreting.


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